Ways to keep your fish happy

How to tell if fish are happy in the new tank

Every living entity has sensations that it expresses in its own unique way. There are a few different indicators that your fish exhibits to communicate their satisfaction to you.

If your fish is enjoying life and living happily, you will be able to tell by their actions. The way your fish behaves might quickly indicate if they are sick or healthy.

Swimming actively

Swimming activity indicates whether or not your fish is content. If you’ve recently moved your fish to a new tank and your fish is swimming around, it’s an indication that your fish is happy. Your fish’s discontent is shown if they are hanging and laying in a certain location.

It can represent any sickness. As a result, you must offer a proper living environment for your fish. The water in the tank should be clean and clear. If you put the fish in a new spot, some of them will be shy or hide for a brief while. If your fish is hiding behind plants and stones, it’s a sign that they’re trying to keep themselves secure. 

If your fish are swimming vigorously and enjoying themselves in the tank, it means they are happy and suited for the tank.

You must see your fish is eating properly or not

When pets are sick or uncomfortable, they usually don’t eat well. If your fish isn’t eating as they should, it’s a sign that they’re unhappy. Your fish may not eat adequately owing to foul-smelling food. As a result, feed your fish the foods they enjoy. If your fish is eating well, it means they are happy.

Breathing properly

There must be something in the water if the gills are rapidly growing. In the water, there may be certain hazardous substances. Thus,  Fish may get distressed.

In such cases, remove the fish from the water immediately and place it in a different location in the water for a short length of time. You should replace the water, and you may check the temperature using a test kit.

In the fish tank, you must use only pure water. Also, the temperature should be precise. You can now place the fish in the aquarium after verifying the water temperature. If your fish behaves regularly, breathes normally, and swims appropriately, it is likely that they are happy.

Fine fins

If your fish’s fins are ripped or ragged, it’s a sign that something is wrong with them. It might be a sign of an illness. You must treat the condition right away and isolate the fish from the rest of the aquarium’s fish since it might spread the disease to the rest of the fish. The fish’s fins and movements are in good shape, indicating that it is happy.

Social interaction

If your fish are happy, they will interact well with one another. When you play with your fish, they will respond positively and give you a favorable answer.

Ways to keep your fish happy in a tank:

There are several ways to keep your fish happy in a tank. Some of them are given below:

You must keep the tank water clean:

High-quality clean water is most important for fish happiness. So, you must keep the tank water clean. You must change the water regularly. You can use tank filters to clean up all the untidiness.

You must provide proper light in your fish tank

Proper light, proper temperature, and ph are some of the essentials for every fish to live and stay happy. Proper lighting can protect your fish from infections and keep fish healthy and strong. An accurate temperature is important for your fish to stay happy and healthy.

A suitable ph is most important for the survival of your fish. Excessive ph changes can change the environment of water and it is serious for fish. So, you must maintain and keep your ph accurate to keep your fish happy in the tank.

You must maintain a peaceful environment:

A calm and quiet environment protects your fish from anxiety. If not, stress can be bad for your fish health. So, you must take good care of your fish and provide your fish peaceful environment. You must provide hiding places for your fish. It keeps your fish happy.

Provide proper food to your fish:

Proper feeding leads to happiness and great satisfaction for your fish. They enjoy having a variety of food. You must feed your fish proper food at the proper time. It will keep your fish cheerful.


Every fish species has different nature and characteristics. Some fish are socially active and some of them are not. But every fish express their feelings through different activities.

So, you must fulfill all the requirements that are important for your fish. You must keep your fish happy and healthy.

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