dog walking on a leash

How to train my dog to walk on a leash

One of the most crucial things you can teach your dog is how to walk correctly on a leash. Walking your dog allows them to get more exercise while also improving their general obedience and attentiveness.

Adjusting your dog to a collar and leash

β€’ Be patient: The most crucial aspect of introducing a dog to a leash and collar is patience.

β€’ You may create a rewarding system for your dog by rewarding him with a goodie. These are delectable treats for your dog to keep him focused on the task at hand.

β€’ Select a collar and leash: To begin, a flat, light collar and a light leash are ideal since they enable your dog’s neck to adapt. 

Leash training your dog

β€’ Create a peaceful environment: Most dogs become anxious when they see a leash. When they notice the leash, they will bark, whine, and spin. If your dog does not respond well to having a specific destination for your walk, avoid it. Allow it to take you around your neighborhood.

β€’ Have chewable and little rewards on hand: During the training process, you must have chewable and small snacks on hand for your dog. Carry little treats since big goodies take longer to chew and might cause the training process to stall. 

β€’ You must be patient and supportive: If your dog appears anxious, bend down in front of him and pet him. You may give out modest snacks. You need to be patient and encouraging.

Stop bad behavior: If you notice developing a bad habit you must stop your dog. Do not get angry and yell or hit your dog. There are more constructive and positive ways to reinforce good behavior.

You must be consistent: This is the most important part of any kind of dog training. When you consistently reward positive behavior and stop bad behavior, the dog will develop good behavior.

Walk your dog frequently: Take your dog for walks continuously if possible. This will allow you to continue reinforcing good walking practices for your dog.

Stay in front of your dog: Stay in front of your dog. This establishes that you are in control, and increases the dog’s obedience on the leash.

Pay attention to other dog owners: If you’re strolling down the street and encounter a dog owner who appears scared or weak, you should be prepared to deal with their dog’s undesirable behavior. With your dog at your side, you must continue marching forwards.

You must select appropriate walking equipment: You may employ appropriate walking equipment. Retractable leashes should be avoided.

Reward positive conduct: Positive behavior must be rewarded. If your dog behaves well, you should praise him with some snacks.


Walking on a leash is easier than you may expect. Patience and assistance are required. You should properly teach your dog. 

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